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but none of it will happen unless we vote for... questi seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. good morning, america. triple-threat. the son of isaac, now drenching the south. more than a foot of relentless rains and winds, doubling back on isaac's devastating path. and now, two, big hurricanes brewing in the atlantic. bill's big night. clinton fires up the democratic convention. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside. but who burns for america on the inside. >> obama comes on stage for a surprise hug. as leaks from a new book show confusion and dysfunction in the white house and congress. and caught on tape. the harrowing moments of a bank
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manager with a bomb strapped around her stomach. forced to open the vault. throwing bags of cash out the back door. now, the thieves are on the run. and pippa makes manhattan by storm. popping up in all the hot spots. is she headed for the centre court of the u.s. open to the catwalk. is she hunting for a home? and does she have a new man? and good morning, america, from charlotte. robin is with her family in mississippi. glad to have elizabeth vargas with us again today. and what a night it was here at the democratic convention. president clinton made a little bit of history last night. he's the first former president ever to nominate a current president. and he was up there 48 minutes,
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i think it was. the crowd loved him right back. and, josh, he did set a high bar for president obama tonight. >> he suredid. concerns he might upstage president obama with that speech last night. but that hug we see there may have diffused all of that talk. we'll be with you, george, in charlotte in moments. also coming up here, a shocking story. a teenage boy foalls into pipe. travels almost a mile underground. a miraculous survival story in moments. she's the stunning actress making headlines around the world, tom cruise's alleged girlfriend before katie holmes. who is she? let's get to the hurricanes overnight. sam is tracking them. and they're calling one the son of isaac. >> i saw that yesterday. and i had to snicker a little bit. part of isaac is leaving the east coast. another part is putting together in the gulf coast.
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let's concentrate on the pulsating concerns in the atlantic. michael, the biggest system so far, a cat 3, will likely stay in the atlantic. leslie, that system will cruise by the u.s. coastline. closest, probably, by the time we get into tuesday. it will whip up rough surf and beach erosion. then, there's this. the storm that could possibly be named nadine, if it can spin and get control of itself in the stronger waters. but all guides that it will wander across the panhandle of florida and maybe out into the atlantic. this time of year, we get the jet stream that pushes down and doesn't let a lot of storms spend time on the eastern seaboard. that's a big rainmaker in places of the country that just don't know more rain. george? >> thank you, sam. it was quite a night here in charlotte last night. president clinton and president obama have not been the closest of friends for the last several years. but you would not know it last night. an electrifying endorsement of president obama from the former
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president. tonight, the current president takes the stage to officially accept his party's nomination. it's "your voice, your vote." jake tapper kicks off our coverage this morning. and the white house might have been within their rights to be a little wary of president clinton. but not in the end. >> reporter: no. as you point out, theirs is a complicated relationship. a psycho drama, if you will. for that reason, the white house views president clinton as almost an independent voice, to validate president obama's economic arguments. that's what they wanted him to do last night. and that's what he did. theirs has been a tumultuous relationship. but the former president's endorsement of the current one was strong and unflinching. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside. but who burns for america on the inside. and by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama.
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>> reporter: clinton had two basic arguments. one, that while the republicans are intransigent, the president, like him, is all about cooperation, having named republicans and former rivals to his cabinet. >> heck. he even appointed hillary. >> reporter: point two, that the president, like him, supports economic principles that will work. while the republicans do not. the former president had several other points to make. >> the republican argument against the president's re-election was actually pretty simple. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough. so, fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: former president clinton and the arena gave an answer to the question that obama campaign officials seemed to stumble on earlier this week. >> but are we better off than we were when he took office? >> reporter: afterwards, president obama electrified the audience by surprising them by
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joining president clinton on stage. offering a bro hug and a personal presidential applause for a former rival, to which the former president said simply, thanks. of course, until that moment, it had been kind of a weird day for the democratic convention, george. lots of infighting about the party platform. and then, of course, the big news they were moving president obama's big speech from the huge outdoor arena to the smaller venue. but at the end of the day, a very well-received speech from former president clinton. >> no question. jake tapper, thanks very much. as the white house gears up for president obama's speech tonight, they're confronting new headlines from journalist bob woodward. he has an inside look at last year's showdown over the federal debt ceiling. abc's jon karl has a first look. and it's not a pretty picture. >> reporter: no, it is not. the book reveals distrust and dysfunction at the highest levels of government.
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it happened last summer after president obama and speaker of the house, john boehner, secretly tried to strike a deal to rein in the national debt. woodward said the stakes were much higher than almost realized. >> you talk about it, essentially 44 days that were the equivalent, the financial equivalent of the cuban missile crisis? >> it's so serious, they wouldn't tell the world how bad it was at the time. >> reporter: in "the price of politics," which will be published on september 11th, woodward writes the two men were close to getting it done. a mix of $4 trillion in spending cuts and tax increases. and negotiated over golf and on the white house's truman balcony. but as they were closing in on the deal, president obama asked that more tax breaks be included. for boehner, that was a
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deal-breaker. at that point, boehner didn't even bother to return the president's calls. instead, telling reporters, the talks were over. only then, did he call the president back. boehner describes the call as angry, saying it was a, quote, presidential tirade. telling woodward, the president was spewing coals. i was pretty angry, the president told woodward. there's no doubt, i thoug it was profoundly irresponsible at that stage not to call me back immediately and let me know what was going on. to woodward, the total breakdown of the talks reflected badly on everyone, especially the president. it was increasingly clear that no one was running washington. that was trouble for everyone. but especially for obama. the breakdown wasn't that surprising. almost complete lack of communication between the president and congressional republicans. in fact, when republicans won control of the house in 2010 and the president wanted to call john boehner to congratulate him, nobody in the white house
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had his phone number. george? >> thanks, jon. diane will have an exclusive interview on "world news" and "nightline" on monday, with bob woodward. we want to welcome in the president's top strategist, david plouffe. >> good morning, george. >> president obama looked pretty happy when he walked on stage to give president clinton a hug. what did he say to the president? >> he made a terrific speech, i think. a very powerful case for the kind of economy we're trying to build in this country that's centered on the middle-class. i think there's very few people in the country with enough credibility to make that case, as he did. so, we've got a first couple of great nights here in charlotte. and i think we're doing a lot of good for the president's campaign. >> president clinton raised the bar for president obama tonight. >> well, we're telling a story here. the first lady's speech was very impactful. spoke from the heart. i think president clinton laid out powerfully the president's record.
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and the president tonight is going to talk about his record, but the path in front of the country. >> much more specific from the president in what he wants to do in a second term? >> i don't want to get ahead of the president's speech. but i think folks, after watching the president's speech tonight, will have a very clear sense of where he wants to g economically, and the path we need to take. and now, you have two parties, as president clinton laid out so well last night, with very divergent views for the right path of the country. >> but president clinton said that president obama has been committed to cooperation with republicans. even if the president wins, the cast of characters is going to be pretty much the same. that bob woodward book points out that the white house wasn't fully repaired and didn't quite know how to work with the republicans. i think what a lot of people wonder is, how is it going to be different the next time? >> i'd step back and say, we've worked with the republicans in congress when they're willing. we've cut taxes for the middle-class. we cut over a trillion dollars in spending. we helped entrepreneurs do things like that. we've worked with them on
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important things. >> big change of plans tonight. the president was supposed to be speaking in that stadium. he's going to be in this hall instead. the republicans are not buying this is about the weather. the chairman of the republican committee said the president must have trouble filling the seats. >> that is preposterous. we were going to have a sold-out crowd and probably people in an overflow room. but the weather is what it is. >> isn't that predictable? north carolina in august? >> sure. we knew it was a possibility when we made the convention here and planned to do a speech outside. i think people are less interested in where he's going to give the speech than what he's going to say. >> i think you're having a pretty good week. but it seems like nothing can break the tie in this race. are you ready to predict a real bounce coming out of north carolina? >> this is a very tight race. we've always believed that there's very little elasticity in the election. i don't think you should expect a big bounce.
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i think this is a race where we've got a small but important lead in some battleground states. it's going to be very, very close all the way out. but i think the republicans had an opportunity last week to lay out to the american people what they would do for the middle-class. our sense is they missed the mark. we think we're doing a lot of progress this week. but you're not going to see big bounces in this election. for the next 61 days, it will remain as tight as a tip. >> david plouffe, thanks very much. >> thanks, george. diane and i will have live coverage of the president's speech, the last night of the democratic convention at 10:00 eastern. let's go to josh and the rest of the headlines. >> okay, george. we're going to begin in los angeles right now, for a gunman that claimed to kidnap a bank manager and tied a bomb around her waist during a daring robbery. you see aerial shots of it right now. at this hour, new questions are surfacing. one of them, was the manager actually involved in the plot all along? here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: the bank manager,
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allegedly ordered to rob her own bank. police say her nightmare began around 8:00 wednesday morning when the two men approached her outside her home as he was leaving for work. she told police the men ordered her to drive the device to her stomach and drive to the bank. >> she was told it was a bomb. >> reporter: fearing for her life, she did exactly as she was told. open the vault and throw bags of cash outside the back door. the robs made their escape before cops and the bomb squad arrived on the scene. >> they very carefully removed that device from her body. >> reporter: a bomb squad robot detonated the device, which turned out to be a very convincing fake, leaving some to question if the bank manager was involved. >> it's one of the logical things you have to look at, though. they have to find the trail of how the bad guys learned who she was and where she lived. >> reporter: police are treating her as a victim.
7:14 am
the bomb was not real. but the robbers made off with a lot of cash. >> the significant amount of money was taken. that's clear. >> reporter: the bandits and the money are still on the run, with multiple agencies on their tail. you know, outrageous bank heists are nothing new in los angeles. but, josh, this one, it's on another level. >> nick watt, in los angeles. thank you for that. meanwhile, another big jump in cases of west nile virus. up 25% in the last week alone. there's almost 2,000 confirmed cases of the disease. 87 people have died from bites from infected mosquitos. most of them in texas. the numbers are expected to grow through next month. and a new report about head injuries in pro football. researchers found that former nfl players are four-times more likely to die from a brain disease, such as alzheimer's or a.l.s., commonly known as lou gehrig disease, than the rest of the population. the nfl just donated $30 million
7:15 am
for brain injury research. and remaining in the sports world. major upset in tennis last night. top-seeded roger federer out at the u.s. open. he fell to number six seed tomas berdych. his earliest exit in ten years. but andy roddick, losing his match to juan martin del potro. then, as promised, retired. wiping tears after a standing ovation, for a likely hall of famer, andy roddick. thanks for the memories. everybody loves a good implosion. only one problem with this one. a crowd actually gathered in paris to watch crews take down the apartment complex. everything looked fine. and then, the wind shifted. >> oh, no. >> and a cloud of dust and debris. sam, you never told anybody
7:16 am
about the clouds of dust. >> generally the wind's west. >> look out. this is the best part. they decided it was the best time to turn up the classical music playing at the event. this is not music we're playing right now. this is actually what was happening. the music apparently worked. >> scenes of the "titanic." >> can you adjust the chairs? please. >> that music was soothing for folks running from the debris. i know it's september. and a lot of places are thinking about cooling down. we're not weather yet? >> are you big footing me? >> elizabeth? elizabeth? tell me something wonderful. >> thank you, sam. it's actually a very serious story. a harrowing tale involving a 14-year-old who fell into a drainpipe. he was sucked underground in a terrifying ordeal, traveling almost a mile before he was
7:17 am
thankfully rescued. alex perez has more. >> reporter: not even buckets of rain could stop jeff laporta and his buddy from having a good time. >> we were having fun. >> reporter: until mother nature pulled a trick on him. >> i fell right in there. >> reporter: what laporta thought was a shallow puddle in his town of parma, ohio, was a drainpipe. it carried him right in this drainpipe. >> it's like somebody putting you in a whirlpool. and spinning you around. >> reporter: and the scrapes and bruises on his legs and the six stitches in his arm only tell part of the frightening ordeal. the rushing water sucked laporta into the drainpipe. he was gasping for air as the water rose over his head. >> i took a deep breath. i just stayed. and i was not going to give up.
7:18 am
>> reporter: neither was his friend, who immediately flagged down help. firefighters searched for any sign of laporta. manhole after manhole, finally, they heard a screech. >> they lifted the manhole cover and said, hey, buddy, are you all right down there? he's crying. he was terrified. >> reporter: afraid he would never make it out, laporta could barely believe his eyes when he saw the firefighter's flashlight. in my head, i'm like, thank you, lord. i was praying. >> reporter: saved from a whirlwind ride he never expected and will certainly never forget. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> wow. what a ride. >> staggering story. sam? >> hi. >> you're still here. >> i am. i know. somewhere, i heard this before. but a lot of people are expecting cooler air in september. >> no? >> yes. >> really? >> some say. but believe it or not, a big part of the country is still in heat.
7:19 am
104 will be a record today in dallas. let's show you where that heat is. san angelo, 104. austin, 102. oklahoma city, 101. this heat spreads into st. louis and gets pushed down quickly by a shot of cooler, fall-like air. but those numbers are still pretty big today. with that push of cooler air will come some strong storms. dodge city, omaha, you're involved in it, kansas city, wichita, amarillo, all getting big storms today. is another great morning.
7:20 am
we will see sunshine into the afternoon. -- for now energy moving overhead. moderate rain over the shenandoah valley and culpeper. temperatures in the out in the 70s. be a warm and muggy day. highs in the lower 90s once we break into the sunshine. spud chance of another >> more of -- more weather in the next half hour. >> you're having a great morning. >> i'm having a perfect morning. just so everyone knows, it's 80 in san diego for today. 85 in l.a. >> where might you be heading later? >> san diego. coming up on "good morning america," clash of the titans all caught on camera. the latest from the dramatic courtroom showdown between two
7:21 am
megamoguls. plus, the woman making global headlines for her role as tom cruise's girlfriend before katie holmes. and one lucky duck. ♪ so twiddly-tee twiddly-dum ♪ look out baby 'cause here i come ♪ ♪ and i'm bringing you a love that's true ♪ ♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready
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breaking news. the baltimore ravens have owner artformer modell has died. johnscently admitted to hopkins hospital. the team to baltimore in 1996. as we reported on good morning washington -- drivers will have opportunity to speak out about increased tolls. the plan calls for combined rise to $2.75. >> good morning. very heavying at a on northbound 95 in virginia. now adding to the congestion, an accident with a tractor-trailer and cart picking up your planes dumfries.
7:28 am
-- no incident. just have the slow traffic. andng your way up to glebe, on the brakesd 14th streethe bridge. in the metro area. down near culpeper, heavier rain county.ern culpeper we will break into some later in day. expect temperatures close to 90. , the same story. much cooler by sunday. >> a little something to look forward
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she is the stunning woman grabbing headlines around the world. nazanin boniadi, the actress at the center of the shocking allegations about tom cruise and his life before katie holmes. just who she is, on "good morning america." good morning, everyone. robin is in mississippi with her family. george is in north carolina, at the democratic convention. >> i'm on the empty floor right now. it was packed last night for bill clinton. the speech that fired up the crowd and got a hug at the end from president obama. and how about that bow from bill
7:31 am
clinton. i was talking to obama aides who said, he did everything they needed him to do. they raised the bar for president obama tonight. they argue he cleared the way for president obama, to talk less about the past and more about the future. well see if that's going to happen. it will be inside right here, not at the stadium, as planned. and diane and i will have full coverage starting at 10:00 eastern. lara? >> thank you, george. we will shock you, george. we're going to talk about pippa. pippa and the city, likes a "sex and the city" play there. she is popping up all over the big apple. so, we asked. does she have a new man? and is she hunting for a home here? all of the details on our favorite it girl. >> by our, you mean our. and the lucky ducks. i don't want to give it away. a real nail-biter. it takes me back to third grade. >> no, no, no. >> i didn't want to do this to you america.
7:32 am
>> they're okay, right? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> come on. we're going to get right to the latest in the courtroom showdown between two megamoguls with cameras rolling. caught in the middle, music legend quincy jones, in the trial pitting steve wynn against the creator of "girls gone wild," joe francis. abc's john schriffen has the details. >> reporter: legendary music producer, quinnty jones, is known for being behind some of pop music's biggest hits. but later this morning, he's expected to be front and center in an l.a. courtroom. >> quincy jones will drive up tomorrow morning with steve wynn and come into the courtroom and tell the truth. >> reporter: the 79-year-old is said to be the star witness in what's quickly becoming hollywood's most buzzed-about trial. on one side, steve wynn, the las vegas hotel and casino magnate. on the other, "girls gone wild" founder joe francis. francis says wynn threatened to
7:33 am
kill him two years ago in an e-mail. >> he was going to hit me in the back of the head with a shovel and bury me in the desert. >> reporter: wynn not only says that's false. he's suing for defamation. caught in the middle, is jones. friends with wynn, and slated to be the best man at francis' wedding. >> he says to me, if he doesn't settle with me, i'm not going to be the best man at his wedding. he refers to joe francis as a screwball, a maniac, worse than a villain. >> reporter: jones had been given a waiver not to testify on the stand because he is ill. >> i asked him, if he would come, his testimony would be important. >> reporter: francis' attorney, went after wynn. showing an interview in the '80s, and with cbs news. >> if i don't see this version in this edited tape, i will check both of you.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the attorney says that tape showed wynn's temper. >> i have a temper and i lost it on occasions. >> reporter: the case will come down not to wynn's temper, but to his typing. and what he did or didn't write in an e-mail. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. now, to the shocking sentencing after a deadly jet ski accident in hawaii this morning. a first look at the moment before the crash that cost one teenage girl her life. abc's dan harris has the story. >> reporter: for the first time this morning, we are seeing the moments leading up to the fatal jet ski crash in hawaii that left one vacationer dead and another behind bars. this videoeo was shot by the girlfriend of the young man on that jet ski, tyson dagley, a 20-year-old australian tourist. moments later, the impact would cause the death of 16-year-old kristen fonseca. dagley pleaded no contest, to
7:35 am
negligent homicide, which is a misdemeanor. at his sentencing hearing on wednesday, a searing scene. dagley weeping, as the mother of kristen fonseca, her hands trembling. both her parents pleading with the court to give dagley the maximum one-year prison term. >> we go to sleep crying. we wake up crying. >> reporter: dagley, a carpet cleaner who worked for two years to pay for his hawaiian vacation, spoke out in his defense. >> i never meant any harm. >> reporter: kristen an her family were also in hawaii on vacation. it was a reward for the california teenager having done so well in school. one day after this happy picture was taken, however, she was dead. in an exclusive interview with australia 7 news, dagley said it wasn't expected. >> i was a 20-year-old on a jet
7:36 am
ski having fun. >> reporter: in the end, the judge showed leniency. sentencing dagley to time served, 12 days in jail. >> i'm appalled at this decision given all of the evidence in the case. >> i still can't fathom that 12 days in jail is enough for the life of a precious 16-year-old girl. >> reporter: just 12 days in jail. tyson dagley has to do 24 hours of community service and pay $80,000 of restitution to kristen's family. although, he only has to send the family $30 a month. elizabeth, over to you. >> thanks so much. for more, let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, allegedly, mr. dagley was standing up on the jet ski, speeding on the jet ski, and not looking where he was going. >> right. >> does this sentence surprise you? >> not really. and i know a lot of people are going to say, how can it not surprise you?
7:37 am
someone killed someone else here. there's a lot of cases out there, car accidents where someone ends up killing someone else. and sometimes they're not even charged. here, these been charged with a third-degree misdemeanor. that's a really low crime. >> if you kill somebody when you're driving because you're texts or talking on your cell phone, you do pay a price. >> depends. all those things would be a different possible analyses. it depends on how reckless you were. in this particular case, the prosecutor charged him with what's called simple negligence, the lowest standard. they're basically saying, he shouldn't have done this. we are going to charge him with a crime. but we don't believe his conduct rose to that higher level that would have exposed him to more time. when you're talking about up to a year in prison, it almost never, ever means a year in prison. so, if the prosecutors are upset about this, they should question why they charged him with a third-degree misdemeanor, as opposed to something more significant. >> a lot of questions about what
7:38 am
is negligence and what isn't. >> that's right. >> dan abrams, thanks so much. time for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, elizabeth. we're going to talk about the cooler push of air. if you see how the numbers go down. it's a 20-degree drop in locations. it's a good push of air that comes in after the heating of today. friday, you're 74. chicago, you go to 75 on friday. then, 69 on saturday. this is that real push of fall-like air. dallas gets into the 80s. even memphis goes down. that storm, leslie, off the coastline, that cruises by and even cruises by bermuda a little bit, they don't get the worst out of it. but there will be rough wind and a little beach erosion and waves. up to eight feet on that eastern >> 7.38 right now.storm travels. some areas of rain off to the west. especially culpeper county, this time. heavy at
7:39 am
clear will >> all of america's weather was brought to you by ashley furniture. coming up, she is the stunning actress at the center of the bam shell allegations in "vanity fair." the brand-new details on who is nazanin boniadi? oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more
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7:43. we welcome you back. and we turn now to nazanin boniadi, the actress at the center of the stunning "vanity fair" claim that the church of scientology auditioned her to possibly be the next mrs. tom cruise. so, who is she? and how did she catch tom's eye? abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: until now, this iranian-born bombshell remained relatively unknown. but "vanity fair's" explosive report changed all that, with
7:44 am
claims that actress nazanin boniadi had a secret relationship with tom cruise, shortly before he began dating katie holmes. according to the article, the church of scientology auditioned devout scientologist actresses as potential love interests for cruise. and they chose boniadi as a candidate. she allegedly went through a month-long vetting process, before meeting cruise for the first time in 2004. >> she was beautiful. and she was very much an eager, eager scientologist. and she had no idea when it began, according to what i was told, that this was going to end up meeting tom cruise. >> reporter: maureen orth says the pair eventually became inseparable. but the relationship abruptly ended three months later, with claims boniadi wasn't as publicly affectionate as cruise wanted. and that she was disrespectful to the leader of the church of scientology. it was after the breakup that
7:45 am
boniadi landed a role on "general hospital." where she became a regular and snagged an naacp for actress in the role. boniadi received her bachelor degree in sciences from the university of california irvine. and now, the thing that's close to her heart is being an official spokesperson for amnesty international, as shown in this clip she posted on youtube. >> the call for freedom will not stop. >> reporter: while she's now getting attention for her famous love interest offscreen, her major love interest on screen was the girlfriend for neil patrick harris' character on "how i met your mother." the now 32-year-old starlet played opposite george clooney in a european commercial for spresso. but boniadi is not talking
7:46 am
publicly. nor did she answer for our comment. the spokesperson for tom cruise has denied all of the allegations in the "vanity fair" report. and the church of scientology has called them hogwash. the church says there was never any project to find a bride for my member of the church. lara? >> linsey, thank you. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." why these guys might just be the luckiest ducks ever.
7:47 am
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we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don'n't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in icades. here's "the play of the day." >> all right. i was an atari kid growing up. there's a reason you're hearing the theme song. there was a hit game in the '80s called frogger. >> this is ducker. >> this is ducker. that's momma duck leading her ducklings across the road. now, do you really think i'd
7:51 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. in the 7:56. i am cynne simpson. the man charged with killing his elderly wife is killed in court today. ands accused of beating woman ing 91-year-old year. of last people in hyattsville will receive letters about a stabbing
7:57 am
there. stabbed yesterday nearby apartment complex. the person is expected to be okay. the channel 8 has more at top of the hour. now we check in with angela foster. slow ride on 95.hbound blocking the left lane between dumfries and quantico. and blocking the right lane as you approach dale city. accident on and 202, be prepared for more delays. on0 -- a slow crawl side.uthbound a 270u make your way from to the spur. >> we have some severe weather down south. you see the county shade and purple, forever expert, culpeper, stoppard.
7:58 am
thunderstorm warning this so right here pushing east. on fredericksburg and spotsylvania. the storm has the creating hail the size of golf balls. low 90s today. sticky. same story tomorrow. >> thank you for watching. another news
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and a good morning to you, america. a great crowd out there in times square. joining us this morning. and bookkeeping now. george, in charlotte at the democratic national convention. robin with her family in mississippi. our thoughts are with her and the roberts family. glad to have elizabeth vargas, along with sam and lara this morning. lara, you didn't have to -- >> lara? oh, lara? >> it's getting chilly again. what's hiding under that trench coat, lara? >> this is exciting.
8:01 am
one of the hottest, new designers has created something very special for me. that's why i'm in a trench coat. we're not doing a segment on people who wear trench coats. there is something under. and there he is. there's joe z. it's all for a big reality show. we have the big reveal of his creation, coming up, later in the show. in the meantime, i'll be in a trench coat. also, pippa and the city. she is popping up in all the hot spots. pippa is popping. does she have a new man? is she really hunting for a home? >> so many questions. >> what kind of transition is this? and back to school with a new bra size. >> oh, wow. that's surprising. >> for women in college. uh-huh. you changed that up. you were supposed to read that. >> you did it. and you owned it. and we're impressed by your
8:02 am
ownership of it. big "deals and steals" in time for fashion week. tory johnson is visiting the program. hot stuff. get ready to logon and buy it. it's only as products last. we're going to begin with breaking news. legendary nfl owner, art modell has died. he was the owner of the cleveland browns who moved the team to baltimore in 1996, where they became the ravens. modell paid $4 million in 1961. he would sell it for $600 million. he was instrumental in launching "monday night football." art modell was 87 years old. 400 families have been put on alert in southern washington state this morning, maybe forced to evacuate, as two fast-moving wildfires, you see them both here, rage out of control. fire crews have been working over the night, trying to build
8:03 am
containment lines. we'll have news as it becomes available. politics, tonight is president's big night. he'll accept the democrats' presidential nomination. earlier here on "good morning america," a top adviser told george in charlotte that the president will defend his record and the economic path he sees ahead for the country. last night, it was former president clinton firing up the convention crowd. arguing that americans are beff ttter on four years ago when the economy was losing 750,000 jobs per month. as the president prepares to address the nation, another cloud is hanging over the convention. a new book by journalist bob woodward, of watergate fame. in it, woodward compares last year's show downover the debt ceiling to the cuban missile crisis. saying the president and john boehner were close to reaching a deal. then, the president wanted more tax increases. we're learning that judy
8:04 am
bloom is battling breast cancer. writing in her blog blume reveals she underwent a mastectomy in july. she wants to get back to writing soon. and so do all of us here. check this out. the world's first t-shirt that you can actually program. turning yourself into a walking social media display. it's called the t-shirt o.s. the company behind it made a light-up dress for cakaty perry. they will be mass produced if there's enough interest. >> why would they do that? >> to sell stuff. >> i can think of a million things. >> stop thinking about most of them. >> really? >> yeah. i'm sorry. >> i want to see your shirt. i can only imagine what it would say. >> a morning program.
8:05 am
>> you know what? lara in her trench coat. hi, everybody. it's a conundrum. but the microphone is under there somewhere. bear with me. we begin with this trench coated "pop news" edition with britney spears. she's looking so good on the cover of "elle" magazine, the october issue. inside a photo shoot that's supposed to be the superglam version of her life. spending time with her fiance. in the interview, britney admits that she's the won who made the first move in their relationship. she looks so healthy, so happy in the pictures. she also says when it comes to fashion, she's all about comfort. saying it's hard for me to be like kim kardashian, with hair and makeup ready every time i go out of the house. she's more of a jeans and sweats type of girl. the october issue is on newsstands september 18th.
8:06 am
14-year-old paris jackson says she will always be guided by her dad's memory. promising, i'm going to carry on his legacy and win an award for him. not sure which award she speaks of. but we do know she has her sights set on acting. and for more on this story, go to on yahoo! really good article about her. and in the midst of all the questions and interests surrounding tom cruise and that piece on him in "vanity fair," katie holmes has been flying under the radar. now, we know why. the actress and designer are getting ready to show her clothing line for the first time at new york fashion week. today, we've confirmed that she's just signed a deal to become the first-ever face of bobby brown cosmetics. she won't just be a pretty face, designing exclusive pieces for the line. >> is that what you're wearing? >> this is what i'm wearing to the fashion show. yes. thank you, josh. finally, a big victory for
8:07 am
shoe designer christian louboutin. his rival fashion house began copying the red soles he's used on all of his shoes since 1992. so angry, he sued rival french design house eves st. laurent for marketing the same shoe. if anyone puts a red bottom and the color on top. while the company cannot own the color red, it is legally louboutin's trademark. >> i'm not surprised about that. >> it's a fair ruling. and the shoes are pretty. >> they sure are. >> informative "pop news." it's awfully chilly in here. >> it sure is. sam, i think lara blames you. >> for the trench coat? well, you look gorgeous in anything you have on. a barrel, you'd be beautiful in. don't worry about it. >> thank you, sam. >> i can't wait to see what's -- that sounds bad. i can't wait to see what's under
8:08 am
the coat, lara. i'm sorry. >> oh, my. >> this is not a good day for me. good morning, everybody. how are you? one of the most important things we can all get behind is standing up for cancer, right? claire keller is here with me this morning because we've got a big broadcast up on every network tomorrow night. >> yep. >> what are we going to see? >> you're going to see performances by alicia keys, taylor swift, coldplay. you're going to see celebrities gwyneth paltrow, julia roberts, eric stonestreet, justin timberlake. >> if i'm sitting at home and watching the tv show, is there something i can do? >> you can call in. you might get one of the celebrities on the phone. you can go the sta >> thank you, claire, by the way. folks are wondering when that last tropical system moved through the gulf, would some of
8:09 am
the oil that sank to the bottom of the gulf wash up onshore? and also, part of the coast is being looked at for that oil and shut down the fishing for a while today. now, we have another system that may churn up the waters in that direction. will it be named? will it become nadine? we'll watch it carefully. it will be a rainmaker for the gulf coast. and that place does not need anymore rain right now. one place that does need rain is the west coast. they're getting a little bit of moisture in the form of scattered showers. that will help in some areas with the firefighting. but it doesn't put the fires out, that's for sure. >> a very good thursday morning .o you but a severe thunderstorm stafford,r fredericksburg, culpeper another 20 minutes. here right along 3 moving into spotsylvania county.
8:10 am
capable off the cell creating golf-ball-sized hail. by lunchtime, back to the sunshine. 92 >> we are live in times square. there's a lot set up out here. there's a lot going on. who are we going back to now? >> lara. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. fighting the elements inside the studio here at "good morning america." here's a look at what's coming up on our morning menu. pippa takes new york. all the scoop on her american adventure. plus, new school year, new body. why some college students are turning to plastic surgery. fantastic "deals and steals" just in time for fashion week. and all for you, our "gma" viewers. and we'll do the big reveal under the trench coat, coming up on "good morning america." living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage.
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that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles... the great moment had come... ...3...2...1 [ cheers and applause ] lara will be right out, my friend. welcome back to "good morning america." right now, the girl that's the toast of the town here in new york. pippa middleton, celebrating
8:16 am
birthday number 29. right in the middle of her grand american adventure. going to the u.s. open. popping up everywhere is pippa. and abc's amy robach has that story. >> reporter: she hasn't even been here a week. but already pippa middleton has managed to take new york by storm. in a matter of days, she's popped up at some of the city's hottest of hot spots. >> she's making the most of what new york has to offer. but really doing all the things she loves to do. she's really trying to get into the way of life here. >> reporter: wednesday, she was spotted at the u.s. open, watching andy roddick's career-ending match. on tuesday, pippa was the personal guest of tennis ace, roger federer, no less. but it's this picture that is sparking royal real estate rumors after paparazzi say she was apartment-hunting. >> it's too early for pippa to think about moving to new york. she's a british girl through and through. i don't think there's any
8:17 am
long-term plans for pippa in america. >> reporter: she hit manhattan's meat packing district, home to the city's exclusive clubs. and pippa spent labor day weekend. >> in new york's trendy summer backyard, the hamptons, where melissa grillo spied on her over the weekend, in the company of billionaire hotelier, andre balazs. >> i was surprised. to the point i said to my girlfriends, do you see it's pippa. >> reporter: what struck her about middleton, is just how down to earth the sister-in-law to the future king of england seemed. >> she was relaxed. she was smiling a lot. obviously, with her friends. not uptight at all. >> reporter: nothing seems to be slowing kate's little sister down. next up for pippa, royal watchers predict she will be parking her famous posterioren in in front-row seats for fashion week.
8:18 am
>> our thanks to amy robach. now, so many college students are moving into their dormrooms right now. and some are showing up on campus with more than just a few new computers and new clothes. they also have a new bra size. abc's paula faris is here with more on college-aged cosmetic surgery. good morning, paula. >> good morning. ironically, josh is nowhere to be found for this story, i understand, right? just the ladies. today's students are trying to improve their mis and bodies. in fact, more students than ever are opting for cosmetic surgery. we travel to california where a fresh start for two, young coeds involves going under the knife. students are heading back to college. and the newest must-have at school may surprise you. it's not books or bedding. but breasts. kamen o'rourke is starting nursing school in california. >> i'm turning into this woman. i feel older. i just want to look older. >> reporter: as a teenager, her chest was the smallest of her friends. and while she loved her hips,
8:19 am
she feels like her top half is out of sync with the bottom. >> i fully thought that my boobs are going to grow. and they never did. >> reporter: right now, she's a 34b. and one of her concern is that one side is bigger than the other, which is normal. but after surgery, she hopes to have a symmetrical 34c chest. >> i want a fuller chest because i'm a girl with hips. >> reporter: unlike calen, she's interested in a breast reduction. jamie was teased mercilessly in high school for her ddd chest. but now, she's looking for the surgery to relief her excruci e excruciating pain. >> having these breasts, it's starting to hurt. it causes wear and tear not only on your back. but your shoulders, your neck. >> it would be nice if we could be confident with the way we
8:20 am
look. but that's not the reality. >> reporter: today, she's meeting with los angeles plastic surgery, dr. tenially lawton, to discuss her options. >> i know health benefits is one of the reasons for doing this. are there psychological reasons for doing it, too? >> getting made fun of in high school is still in the back of my mind. >> reporter: dr. lawton will have to remove a pound and a half of fat to change it from a 34ddd, to a 34d. >> it's about boosting confidence. >> reporter: dr. lawton also consults with calen before surgery. she puts on a special bra fitted with implants to get an idea of the financial outcome. three weeks after surgery, we meet up with the girls again. here she is before and after. she's now a c cup and feels her top half is as curvy as her bottom half. you're already back in school. >> yes. >> reporter: are you more
8:21 am
confident in the classroom? >> i have more confidence walking in there. i don't think it's going to help me on my tests any. >> reporter: jamie is also ready to head back to school. here she is before. and here's jamie after. her ddds are now a regular d. and her shoulder and back pain are gone. when you look in the mirror now, what do you see? >> i feel like i can step into a room. and i can, you know, let myself go. don't feel like there's anything holding me back. >> you have so much more confidence right now. how is this going to affect you in the classroom? this is a fresh start for you. >> i feel like all of the things that were making me self-conscious are gone. i will never regret it. it's the best thing i've done in my life. >> reporter: jamie moved to tears, as you just saw. for the first time, people are looking her in the eye, instead of at other parts of her anatomy. it's had a profound effect on her. she's able to work out at the gym like never before. but both of the girls said, they
8:22 am
thought about this for a very long time. this wasn't just a flippant decision. >> a classmate of mine had the breast reduction surgery. it changed her life. all right, paula. thank you so much. let's head outside to lara. >> thank you, elizabeth. it will change my life when i get to reveal what's under the trench coat. we're talking fashion week in new york. stars are out in the city to kick off fashion week. and tory johnson is here right now with "deals and steals." in honor of such style. you need to go to on yahoo! don't wait. get the links. you have great, impeccable taste. and we begin. >> okay. comfort is king when it comes to fashion. although, probably not so comfortable for you wearing this on a 90-degree day. crocs is the comfort shoe. and we have a new assortment that are so lightweight. it looks like a heavy-duty sneaker. >> it's like a croc in a
8:23 am
sneaker. >> an amazing selection. even more than what's right here. it goes from kids to adults. we have a huge selection available for all of our views ers. slashed in half, 20 to 30 buck. >> they are huge. they're really beautiful aztec print is huge right now. you'll see it in every store. that color is so beautiful. >> might as well put a scarf on, too. >> you will never see these for this price. these scarves are $48. we're slashing these by 71%. $14. >> wow. very cute. >> thank you very much. >> another "good morning america" favorite, zoya nail
8:24 am
polish. there's five trios to select from. you'll see these colors on the runway this week and continuing this fall. and. >> i noticed all of these colors is what's happening in fashion. as we get to fall, the nails get darker. you're right on trend, tory. >> these are normally $24 for the three. slashed in half, $12. and you get a free zoya nail polish remover. stella & dot. we love stella & dot. statement necklaces are big right now. one of these has never been seen in the united states. >> exclusively here on "good morning america" for the first time. >> i knew you were a big fan. i wanted to bring these. all three of these normally range from -- $89 to $178. but these are slashed by 60%.
8:25 am
starting at just over $35. >> that's such a cool woman-run company. >> it is. so empowering to women, too. we can bring josh in to help us. >> bring it home. >> i wanted this. >> do you want to show that off right there? >> lara, what were you doing back there? >> what happened right there? >> apparently, they're really delicious. >> we're running out of time for the segment. so, i needed the test, for you. >> exactly. >> this is the fashionista dozen. d.c. cupcakes, a fabulous show on tlc. smell it. >> what? >> i think that's the lava chocolate one with butter cake. you get a big assortment of 12 cupcakes, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla. the most amazing frosting. normally $29. >> delicious purse. >> normally $29.
8:26 am
slashed in half. $14.50 for the dozen. when you go online today to place your order, you'll get to select over the next several weeks, when you want it delivered. you order today. but you've got time. >> they'll come fresh. they'll send anywhere? >> they'll send anywhere in the united states. plus, exclusive you only find on the "good morning america" website, too. >> thank you for providing the deals. go to our website to get the first link. coming up, we'll unveil the big reveal.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:27. i am cynne simpson. sports fans mourning the loss of t modell. he died early this morning at johns hopkins hospital. was given.f death was 87 years old. looking intoe whether an alexandria man was pit bulls for a dog fighting ring. dogs were found at his home. charged with being an t boehner. is angelo foster with a check on traffic. we are crawling along on 95.
8:28 am
it is still very slow making dale city. and traveling eastbound on 66, e parkway.n th , a solidur way to 123 the lay there. way through montgomery county, we are seeking beltway debates starting loop95 on the outer heading 2 georgia ave. a solid backup southbound 29 through columbia. it is blocking a couple of lanes accident there. >> we will clear out later on. serious whether south of and agton approaching 95 fredericksburg, moving through spotsylvania. thunderstorm that could produce large pale the size of golf balls. -- large hail. it is moving to the east at 23 per hour.
8:29 am
southern stoppard, culpeper, fredericksburg. :by sunday. >> thank yo
8:30 am
♪ you got your hand up you're rocking in my truck ♪ ♪ you got the radio on you're singing every song ♪ ♪ until you lose control i would lose it all ♪ ♪ everything i've got you're looking so damn hot ♪ ♪ and i don't want to go anywhere else ♪ ♪ than where we've been staring at you ♪ ♪ i don't know country favorite luke bryan. when he was here at central park, hit the park on fire. it's our pleasure to have him
8:31 am
back again. luke bryan with us. good morning, america. bookkeeping again. george is in charlotte at the democratic national convention. robin with her family in mississippi. sam, inexplicably bouncing by my side. we're happy to see elizabeth vargas. and lara's still in the trench coat. >> i can't wait to see this dress now. talk about anticipation. we're so excited to have luke bryan back with us. he stopped by to announce the cma awards because lady antebellum was stuck in a storm. i like that line, you're so damn hot. >> oh, well. >> singing that to you in the trench coat. >> the reason i was jumping, josh, is there's a slope to the platform here. and i never like to be that short when i'm standing next to
8:32 am
you. also ahead, did you know that colonel sanders, harlan sanders, had more recipes than just kfc chicken. i knew the drill. >> you actually knew the colonel sanders. >> my grandfather was a friend of the colonel. >> no joke? >> it's true. i did. it was when i was -- yeah. >> and you watched babe ruth play. >> and then dinosaurs roamed the planet. >> those pesky t-rexes. also, in a few short hours from now, it's time for "good afternoon america." and we're happy to have susie essman from "curb your enthusiasm." going toe-to-toe with d.l. hughley. and the long island medium with us, in the audience, doing readings and possibly for one of us. it's going to be a great show. >> and this one, "good afternoon america," 2:00 p.m. eastern,
8:33 am
1:00 p.m. central and pacific. samuel? >> well. >> well, sam. >> time for lara and josh to do this. >> you've been asking to see what's under my coat all morning. >> all morning. i know. it's time, everybody. we want to explain what this is all about. this is a product of a hit show called "all on the line with joe zee." joe is the star of the show. he's the creative designer at "elle" magazine. he helps struggling designers get back on track. josh and i, somehow, were lucky enough to appear on an episode. take a look. one of the many designers, joe zee, whose successful line is in serious trouble. >> he's designing clothes that nobody will ever wear or buy. >> reporter: joe thinks he needs
8:34 am
to concentrate on design that will appeal to the masses. that's where josh and i come in. >> i want you to design a suit and a dress for lara and josh to wear on air. >> there's a certain way that we need to dress. and if it wasn't happen, we're not going to wear it. >> joe was saying one of your strengths is color. i should warn you, that might make me your biggest challenge. >> reporter: after explaining how we like to dress, he was off to design our tv looks. >> this is huge. like, big. >> reporter: with only three days until the big reveal, joe checks in. and is less than impressed. >> this looks too thin. that's going to be too revealing on national tv. what is this? this is a little like a diner waitress. >> that's exactly what josh did not want, bold colors. >> reporter: so, he decided to abandon the suit for josh altogether and focus their efforts on revamping my dress.
8:35 am
after last-minute scrambling, it's finally the big day. >> i really don't know what lara will think about the dress. >> neither do i. but it's time to find out with the big reveal. >> i'll bring the dress out. >> oh, no. >> all right. the time has arrived. joe zee, here for us. joe, she has been -- she has respected the process. but i think it's time. >> time to do the big reveal? >> everybody -- >> i'm nervous. and i know the dress. >> what do you think? >> all right. again, lara, what do you think? how do you feel? >> i absolutely love it. is this my virtual runway? >> oh, yeah. >> you were there when we were telling him what it is we
8:36 am
wanted. what it is lara wanted and didn't want. what do you think of what he was able to do here? >> i think the biggest challenge was to do something that was acceptable for morning television. it felt feminine and fun but not vulgar. >> he wanted to go more wild with color and print. it kind of doesn't look. and i personally say congratulations. i love it. i thank you. i'm thrilled to be part of your show. >> it was fun to have you guys. >> did you help him? is he a designer on the rise? >> i think he's back on track. he took a lot of the lessons. it was not easy for him. i can tell you, i'm so prepared to be a parent now. i think it's really good learning experience for all these. >> why couldn't he handle josh? >> he doesn't look good in bright red. we had to let it go. >> a bright red suit?
8:37 am
>> no. but he was going to do something in a bold print color. >> that might have been tragic. it was great to be involved. it was great to be a part of it. i think you look great. >> thank you. >> i think you look fantastic. >> he's going to do -- joe zee is styling me for the emmys. >> oh. >> that will be very exciting. >> you're going to have that, as well. we'll have the information there. thireaso by the way, all on the line, premieres monday night on sundance. and to see what joe zee says are the must-have items for fall. go to on yahoo! and now, the final check of the weather. country, i hear st of country does have st of country does have theo c filled wiback-stabbing, scandal and heartbreak, hat filled wiback-stabbing, scandal and heartbreak, hat bachelo pad."
8:38 am
who will walk away with $250,000 on monday night, when the finale airs here on abc. one woman, blakeley, did not make it to the finals. she could be walking away with a sparkling consolation prides. take a peek. >> i want you to be confident. right here. i want you to be confident. i'm in this for you. i want you to spend the rest of my life with me and taylor. >> come on. >> are you kidding me? >> it is -- it's unbelievable how that worked out. that's how the twist works. find out who wins the money and whether blakeley will go home with the ring on her finger. i can't even believe that's possible when the finale of "bachelor pad" airs right here monday at 8:00. and stay tuned to "good morning america" tomorrow when "the bachelorette" newest couple, emily maynard and jeff holmes joins us live. they are gorgeous. a cute couple. not as cute as the two of you.
8:39 am
>> what is going on with you today? >> you're very naughty today. >> wrap, wrap. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we'll start with our twitter and facebook pictures. a lot of folks sent in beautiful pictures. it was hard to make a choice. oklahoma city, d >> severe thunderstorm warning until 9:15 right along highway 3 burg.g into fredericks' bi >> all that weather was brought to you by nexus 7. when we come back, colonel harlan sanders h
8:40 am
8:41 am
anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it.ld four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a betteter futue for maryland.
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] they're back. and we're back. abc's amy robach talks to the chef putting a new spin on colonel harland sanders' dishes. take a look. >> when you hear the words colonel sanders, you think fried chicken. but it turns out, the concelone had a stash of secret recipes.
8:43 am
edward lee is the chef at six ten magnolia. and he is putting a modern twist on the concern's age-old recipes. thank you. >> thanks for having me. hello, everyone. >> way to get the crowd involved. and nothing says finger-licking good than peach cobbler. >> of course. i love to have fried chicken for breakfast. i don't know about you. after that, i love to follow it up with peach cobbler. this is a wonderful recipe. it's easy to make. starting with eggs and sugar. creamed in a bowl. put it together. really easy. i just cream it until it's nice and smooth. >> okay. >> going to add a little touch of vanilla extract. >> great. >> just a teaspoon. >> melted butter? >> melted butter. >> this is great. sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, i
8:44 am
like the ingredients so far. >> we know we have our wet ingredients. we're going to add our dry ingredients, which is a little bit of flour, baking powder and baking soda. that gets mixed in together. and real simple, you add some of that into the batter. >> okay. >> and a little bit of milk. >> is that whole milk? skim milk? >> this is whole milk. we don't use skim milk. >> sorry. what was i thinking. >> add a little more of the flour and a little more of the milk. we go back and forth. >> i'll help you out here. >> help me out here. and we just mix that up for two minutes. and you'll get this lovely batter. >> that's beautiful. >> now, i have wonderful peaches. in the cookbook, you can make a big eight-inch pie. but i like to make them in little skillets. kind of like individual. >> and you don't have to peel
8:45 am
the peach? >> no. i put them right in there. and this is also good -- >> a little extra sugar. >> when you head into fall, you can make them with apples or fresh figs. wonderful. >> wow. >> a nice gloop of batter goes in. now, you take this. and guess what? a little more sugar. >> not? a little more sugar. >> not? thf1 looks so good. is this heavy cream? >> yes. >> and what i do, i add a little twist and make buttermilk whipped cream. it's two parts heavy cream to one part buttermilk. whip it up like you do whipped cream. >> finger-licking good again, right? >> yeah. >> that's great. now, we have meat loaf. this is from the colonel, as well? >> these are all in the book.
8:46 am
this is wonderful. everyone loves meat loaf. everyone has their own version this is interesting. it has horse radish in it. and one of my favorite recipes in the book is fried tomatoes. we've heard of tried red tomatoes. these are fried red tomatoes. you can start with the tomatoes on the side. have the meat loaf. >> and finish with the peach cobbler. thank you so much. and to find out how you can get your own free copy of th heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. is that the wayfo forw? this message.
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're back, now, with country superstar, luke bryan, who was here with us yesterday to announce the cma nominations. he's a nominee himself. his cd "tailgates and tan lines," he's going to perform a single from that in a few
8:49 am
minutes. you're really psyched. you're going to be hosting country's night to rock. who are you most excited to see that night? >> i have a lot of buddies on the show. eric church is a buddy of mine. he's on the show. and what was fun about hosting is, kimberly perry and i hosted. and we were out in front of the house pretty much the whole show. i got to watch all of the performances. i got to see little big town and faith hill. i'm drawing a blank on everyone else. >> that's going to be such a great night. >> it's a great night for country music. you know, when all the fans come in to cma fest, music fest in nashville, it's a special week for the fans and artists also. >> it's a special morning for us. you're going to sing your next single, "kiss tomorrow good-bye." i love this one. ladies and gentlemen, luke
8:50 am
bryan. >> here we go. here we go. let's do it. three, four. ♪ all we do right is make love ♪ ♪ we both know now that ain't enough ♪ ♪ ain't gonna beg you to stay ♪ ♪ ain't gotta ask you what's wrong ♪ ♪ ain't no reason running after something already gone ♪ ♪ take off your leavin' dress let's do what we do best ♪ ♪ i guess everybody's got their way of moving on ♪ ♪ girl, rest your head one more time in my bed ♪ ♪ love me like you loved me when you loved me ♪
8:51 am
♪ and you didn't have to try let's lay down tonight ♪ ♪ and kiss tomorrow good-bye ♪ baby, who we are just didn't work ♪ ♪ but maybe we can leave with something out of all this hurt ♪ ♪ ain't gonna beg you to stay ♪ ♪ ain't gotta ask you what's wrong ♪ ♪ ain't no reason running after something already gone ♪ ♪ take off your leavin' dress let's do what we do best ♪ ♪ i guess everybody's got their way of moving on ♪ ♪ girl, rest your head one more time in my bed ♪ ♪ love me like you loved me when you loved me ♪ ♪ and you didn't have to try let's lay down tonight ♪
8:52 am
♪ and kiss tomorrow good-bye ♪ ain't gonna beg you to stay ♪ ♪ ain't gotta ask you what's wrong ♪ ♪ ain't no reason running after something already gone ♪ ♪ take off your leavin' dress let's do what we do best ♪ ♪ i guess everybody's got their way of moving on ♪ ♪ girl, rest your head one more time in my bed ♪ ♪ love me like you loved me when you loved me ♪ ♪ and you didn't have to try let's lay down tonight ♪ ♪ and kiss tomorrow good-bye
8:53 am
let's kiss tomorrow good-bye ♪ [ cheers and applause ] let's kiss tomorrow good-bye ♪ [ che[ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerator puts fresh in a whole new light. come see the new ge french door refrigerator for yourself at bray & scarff. buyow and supe up to $500. but hurry this incredible offer ends octoberer 10th. come in today or visit online at
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8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] sam's on his way to
8:56 am
san diego. we look like brothers. >> you do. >> but speaking of birth, happy birthday, elizabeth vargas. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> come on. come on. >> guys. >> and look who's here. >> the kids, the husband, the whole bit. >> thank you, boys. >> all wishing you a very happy birthday. >> oh, whoa. >> take a cupcake. take a cupcake. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> good morning. it is 8:56. i am cynne simpson. several dogs are still to arrive d.c. after hurricane isaac. washington animal rescue is take and nine dogs. for our puppies. the dogs of hardware heartworm and will get treatment. neil armstrong died at 82 years old. and other items were .ut on public view here is a look at traffic. >> above heavy congestion up the district.g to outbound york avenue at of the tunnel, a disabled vehicle adding to the congestion. in virginia, still heavy
8:58 am
and slow arlington on the gw parkway. the key bridge. on 66 east rosslyn and west bound. of heavy traffic. 270, relief in direction as you to the spur. and approaching the bw parkway, still jammed. >> right now of areas of rain washington. beltway and arlington county. a thunderstorm moving through the area. a warning until 9:15 as it east. off to the flooding within the heavy sell. out from this midday. 92 is the high. >> thank you. thank you for watching. "live with kelly" is next. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
8:59 am
[ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelizedonlmonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramezed kind? if i was this g girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greestyle yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.

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